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Sharks Life

Biosphere 3's Blog

Sharks date from more than 420 million years ago, before the time of the dinosaurs, but nowadays these incredible creatures are in danger because human being.

Pollution, fishing and a black legend based in ignorance are some of the things Mirja Bonetto and Al Lurton want to change in our perception and make conscience on shark’s danger inviting us to Shark Life, their immersive digital art exhibition.

For to tell us a bit more about this excellent project, and its origins, today we are with Mirja Bonetto in The Bonetto Sim, at Dresden City in Second Life.

Noke Yuitza: Aloha Mirja, thank you for receiving us.

Mirja Bonetto: I’ve read that Spain is the place where much sharks are shelled in Europe.

Noke Yuitza: It can be. There’s a local market that consume some species, but real problem is our export market to Asia. The sad is that sharks…

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