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I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word

0:00 Revolution on Represent 107.3 FM. My name is Tarek
0:04 Now listeners you may remember not too long ago we had a spoken word artist by the name of Suli Breaks.
0:07 Came down dropped a live session and alot of you were excited about that
0:12 I was excited this morning when i opened up a package, had no idea what it was.
0:18 Opened it up, put it in the player, pressed play,and it totally blew me away,
0:23 it;s his brand new piece from his brand new “The Dormroom Ep”.
0:25 Im a have to let spoken word do what it does best,
0:27 and let it speak for itself. Brand new Suli Breaks!!
0:44 Right now,
0:45 there is a kid finishing parents evening in a heated discussion with his mother.
0:48 Saying:
0:50 “Why does he have subject subjects he will never ever use in his life?”
0:54 And she will look at him blank eyed
0:56 stifle a sigh think for a second And then lie
1:00 She’ll say something along the lines of,
1:01 “You know to get a good job you need a good degree and these subjects help you get a degree
1:05 ,we never had this opportunity when i was younger”
1:10 and he will reply.
1:12 but “You were young a long time ago weren’t you mum?”
1:15 and she won’t respond although what he implies makes perfect sense that societies needs
1:21 would have changed since she was 16.
1:23 But she will ignore him grip his hand more sternly and drag him to the car.
1:28 What she doesn’t know,
1:30 is that,she didn’t ignore him just to shut him up
1:33 She didn’t lie because they are just returning him from parents evening
1:36 And an argument in the hallway would look bad on her resume.
1:39 She won’t lie because she had just spent the last hour
1:42 convincing a stern face teacher that she ensure that her child studies more
1:46 at home.
1:48 NO! She will lie simply, because she does
1:52 know any better herself. Although all her adult life she has never used or applied,
1:57 Pythagoras Therom, Pathetic Fallacy, And still does not know, the value of “X”
2:01 She will rely society to tells her child who has one of the sharpest minds in the school,
2:05 is unfocused, hyperactive easily distracted and wayward.
2:11 Students!
2:13 How many equations, subjects, dates did you memorise just before an exam
2:16 never to use again
2:18 How many “A” grades did you get,
2:21 which were never aksed for when applying for a job?
2:22 How many times have you remembered something 5 mins after the teacher has said “Stop writing”
2:26 Only to
2:27 receive your results a month later to realise that you were only
2:311 mark short of the top grade?
2:33 Does that mean remembering 5 mins earlier would have made you more qualified
2:35 for a particular job? Well, on an application form it would have.
2:39 We all
2:41 different ability,thought processes,experiences
2:42 and genes So why is a class full of individuals
2:47 tested by the same means? That means Cherrelle thinks she’s dumb,because she couldn’t do a couple sums,
2:51 And if this issue is not addressed properly
2:55 It then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy!
2:57 Then every school has the audacity to have policy on equality!
3:03 “Huh” the irony!!
3:04 Exams are society’s methods of telling you what your worth
3:07 But, you can’t let society can’t tell you what you are. Because this is the same society,
3:12 that tells you, that abortion is wrong, but then looks down on teenage parents!
3:15 The same society, thats sells products to promote natural hair, looks and smooth complexion
3:20 with the model on the box, half photoshopped, has fake lashes and hair extensions. With pastors
3:25 that preach charity, but own private jets. Imams that preach against greed, but are all fat.
3:29 Parents that say they want “educated kids” bit constantly marvel at how rich Richard Branson is.
3:34 Governments, that preach peace, but endorse war. That say
3:38 they believe so much in the importance of higher education and further learning
3:43 and then why increase tuition fees every single year?!?
3:47 I believed Miss Jeffersoon when she took me into the office said that my exams would be
3:51 imperative to my success.
3:53 Because we were taught to always follow when Miss Jefferson Led.
3:56 Then I took Jefferson out of the equation,
3:58 learnt to think for myself
3:59 I realized, we were always taught to follow when misled.
4:04 “Huh” the irony.
4:09 Test us with tests, But the finals are never final,
4:12 because they never prepare us for the biggest test which is survival!
4:15 And what I suggest is fairly outlandish I don’t except everyone to understand this.
4:19 Except for the kid that knows what it feels like to be Worth no more
4:24 Worth no more than that D or that A That you receive on results day. The ones whose best stories
4:28 Where never good enough for your English teacher. Because apparently you missed out
4:31 key literal techniques Did not follow the class plan,
4:34 And the language was too “informal” for
4:35 him to understand. But then he’d reference Hamlet, Macbeth
4:39 And you’d fight the urge to express your contempt
4:41 by partially clenching your fist with only your medius finger left protruding in the
4:45 middle of your hand,
4:46 And asking if he was aware that Shakespeare was known as the innovator of slang.
4:50 Or the kid at the back of the class who thinks,
4:52Why I’m a studying something that doesn’t fuel my drive?
4:55 But when confronted with a maths problem his eyes come alive!!
4:58 So this one is for my generation The ones that found what they were looking for on Google
5:02 the ones who followed their dreams on Twitter, pictured their future on Instagram,
5:06 accepted destiny on Facebook.This ones for my “failures” and “dropouts”
5:10 For my unemployed graduates. My shop assistants, cleaners and cashiers with bigger dreams!!
5:14 My world changers and dream chasers!!
5:18 Because purpose of “Why I hate school, but love education” was not
5:22 to initiate a world wide debate,
5:23 but to let them know that whether 72
5:26 or 88
5:28 44 or 68.
5:32 We will not let an exam results decide our fate. Peace



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