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Probando Bloggo 2

Probando Bloggo 2… Anuncios


R’n’R Poem to the guitar from Abbey and Frits for smoothly start the morning 😉

All Sites Protected Against Zero Day Vulnerability

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You may have seen news of a new zero-day vulnerability regarding comments in self-hosted versions of WordPress 4.2. All sites — including VIP sites — are not vulnerable: your sites are protected by the Akismet anti-spam service, which is already blocking those comments.

My Personal Top Ten

Un poco de buena musiqueta para amenizar la mañana del domingo 😉

Hoy es domingo…. lo mejor que puedes hacer es dejar de fumar

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Y no solo lo digo yo, ni nosotros, te lo dice el New England

You still have a few days to register for Writing 201!

You still have a few days to register for Writing 201!

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We often think of blog posts as being just a few paragraphs long, or being a “less serious” kind of writing. Not so! In this challenge, we’ll focus on writing longform pieces that are equally at home on your blog or in a magazine. Whether you have trouble organizing…

SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

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Did you know that is extremely SEO friendly right out of the box? If you blog here at, you’re already ensuring great search engine results, without even having to try! But if your search rank still isn’t where you want it to be, here are four quick steps…

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